Newsletter Tips: Starting a Newsletter That Won’t Bore Your Clients

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As you’re developing your new publication you’ll be thinking about catchy newsletter names and newsletter titles, but probably not be too concerned withnewsletter topicsThe content of your newsletter is the most important feature because it’s the exact stuff that keeps clients reading and wanting more!

The articles for newsletters need to fit the image you want to promote for your business. If you want to stay professional and focused on your industry and services, you’ll want to include content about the latest industry news, important business-related office news, and very little personal content.

This strategy works best if your clients are mostly other professionals and more business-minded. If your target clients are more of the general public that aren’t so much concerned with the inner workings of your business, you’ll want to lighten the content up a bit.

For more light-hearted newsletter topics, look to interesting popular news stories related to your industry and give a bit of your own opinion on them. Just be careful not to get TOO opinionated or risk alienating clients! Community articles for newsletters are also great because it shows your connection to the local area.

Don’t forget that your own office can generate great content! Personal stories like your secretary’s new baby, your company-sponsored youth sports team winning a game, or pictures from your holiday party are all great light types of content that can break up more serious articles.

The newsletter tips we share with clients focus on finding that balance between professional and personal content that both informs and intrigues clients. No one wants to read a newsletter that doesn’t keep their interest, and your content needs to follow the interests of your clients.We Do Web Content can help you find the right mix of content to keep you connected to your clients with a monthly newsletter! 

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