Is The Next Step in Online Marketing “Social Newspapers”?

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Former Myspace executive Jason Feffer, founded along with Michael Glazer, as a question-and-answer and polling site designed to not only relay the news but to inspire online conversations and invite user participation.

The Los Angeles start-up might be on to something with their user-friendly forum that allows readers to form connections and discuss opinions on the news of the day in a platform that goes way beyond the comments section of your favorite online newspaper.

While traditional newspapers that have moved online have made steps to promote reader interaction, the guys at Sodahead easily pick out their flaws (as reported by Mediapost):

When asked about the social networking tools currently used by online newspapers and other websites, Glazer responds, “That usually amounts to a comments section. They lack any meaningful interaction among readers to engage, discuss, and learn from each other”.

When asked about the popular website, Feffer adds, “Their user base is too homogeneous, and they lack community tools.”

Don’t even bother asking them about Yahoo answers.

Feffer and Glazer’s idea of a Social Newspaper aims to go beyond the spam entries and name calling of online newspaper comment sections to create a true community of people who not only read the news, but respond to what they have read by actively participating in a social community that explores how that information is being processed.

A few major brands, including McDonald’s and Kohles have already begun advertising on the growing social media platform that consists of 2.5 million monthly visitors and 1.3 million registered users since Sodahead’s launch in 2007.

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