No More Saturday Mail – What This Means to Internet Marketing

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On Wednesday the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced it will no longer make mail deliveries on Saturday, ending years of rumors that this would be the next step for the financially-burdened postal service. Officials cite that the transition to electronic mail and online bill payment has drastically reduced the number of physical letters and mailing materials being sent through the service. (Although package delivery – which remains Monday through Saturday – is up 14 percent, which we bet is due to more online shopping!)

So no more Saturday post – but then again, when did you really see a lot of mail in your box that wasn’t junk? Where are consumers getting all their communications? The Internet of course!

Electronic Communication Isn’t All E-mail Anymore

You can’t just say e-mail is the death of the mailed letter, because e-mail itself is on its last legs as well. Back in 2010, then-Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg was quoted at a press conference saying, “E-mail is probably going away,” and citing a statistic that 11 percent of teens use e-mail on a daily basis.

Flash forward to a recent 2012 article in the Huffington Post and you’ll see that many companies are considering removing e-mail as the “go-to” means of communication. International IT service company Atos has a goal to eliminate e-mail from its internal communication plan by 2014.

So what’s killing e-mail? According to Atos’ CEO and Chairman, Thierry Breton, it’s collaboration tools like Microsoft Communicator and social community platforms.

How Companies Are Communicating Outside of Postal Mail

When was the last time your company sent out a physical advertisement like a post card or brochure? Most businesses are forgoing the postage and print costs for digital marketing like eNewsletters and social media campaigns.

But wait – eNewsletters are e-mail, isn’t that dying? Yes and no. While e-mail isn’t as popular as before, it’s still going to stick around. Look at the history of technology evolution – when television came out, everyone said radio would be gone, but it’s still here. Magazines and books still exist in the glow of eReaders. People still go to concerts even though they can watch the entire performance on DVD.

eNewsletters still thrive because they’re something different. They’re an indirect method of marketing that’s first and foremost a method of sharing information. So while we’re expecting a continuing shift from mailed newsletters to eNewsletters, we don’t think the lower popularity of e-mail will reduce their success – as long as they have great content!

Social media syndication and marketing are also the big players in reducing the popularity of postal mail communication. Why wait days to send a letter or flyer through the mail when you can instantly message your clients? Social media allows for more direct, personal contact with your clients, allowing you to be a much more responsive company.

Go Electronic With Your Business Marketing

Nearly every type of postal marketing communication has an electronic counterpart. Postcards and newsletters? ePostcards, eGreetings and eNewsletters. Brochures and catalogs? Interactive PDFs. Video DVDs? YouTube channels.

Aside from physical items like product samples, there are very few reasons your business should still be marketing with snail mail. If you’re still stuck in the postal age, We Do Web Content can get your marketing digital well before the August mail schedule switch occurs!

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