Online Marketing for Lawyers

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September 24, 2009 – As an attorney, your website needs to do more than just inform potential clients of your services and areas of practice, it needs to sell you.

With that in mind, the web content you create needs to strike a balance between informing your visitors about your practice and communicating your expertise in the areas of law that you practice. For example, from a online marketing standpoint, it is imperative for you to not only express that you are a personal injury attorney, medical malpractice lawyer, etc. but to create SEO content that give visitors information about the types of cases that you handle.

Internet users who are researching legal advice online are looking for more than just a lawyer, there are hundreds of lawyers in any given area, they are seeking practical information about their circumstances. Creating articles that discuss resources for car accident victims, what to do after a slip and fall injury, and so on not only build the credibility of your website, but work to create relationships of trust with your visitors.

Once that trust is established your website stands out from all the other lawyers in your area and give you an edge that leads to conversions and turns your website into a marketing machine.

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