Online Marketing Tip: Social Media is Searchable

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October 27, 2009 – We’ve talked a lot about why social media is such an exciting opportunity for lawyers to expand their web presence and generate traffic for their website. Part of the reason why this is successful is because social media is searchable, meaning it can and will appear in search engine results.

Because of the searchability factor in social networking, it is important for attorneys to carry their SEO efforts into their social media expansion. For example, after you have created a profile for your Facebook Fan Page and achieved a certain amount of fans, you will have the option of creating a customized URL. This is especially important for SEO purposes as a name with your keywords in it will appear in search engines for those keywords. For example, a custom URL with your law firm’s name will appear in the search engine results for people typing your practice into Google or Bing. If you choose a name with SEO keywords like “Miami Medical Malpractice Attorney” / “your law firm name” you can get picked up for both your geographic keywords and your practice.

With the introduction of Google’s Social Search as well as recent search agreements between Twitter, Google, and Bing to allow relevant “tweets” to show up alongside relevant search results, there has never been a better time to get involved in social networking, expand your brand, and increase your organic search engine results!

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