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October 23, 2009 – As a lawyer, it is important to keep your name and reputation circulating around the Internet. One great way to stay current and is to create and distribute SEO online press releases on a regular basis. While many of your press releases probably won’t get picked up by major newspapers or media (although some will if they are written well), they will show up in search engine results if they are SEO optimized, and can do wonders to expand your overall online presence.

Press releases can cover a variety of issues and achievements, and depending on your goal, can be picked up by news agencies for media stories. The most important part of creating a successful online press release is creating a story around the information you are releasing and providing enough information for reporters to want to write a feature based on your one page of information.

Ideas for these types of press releases include:

  • The launch of a new website or external blog
  • The release of an E-Book, Free Report, print edition book, etc.
  • Discussion and opinion of a high profile case (even if you weren’t the lawyer, you can establish yourself as a legal EXPERT)
  • Discussion of your legal opinion on new laws that affect your clientele
  • Sponsorship of a large-scale or local significant charity event that relates to your legal niche (i.e. – a child injury attorney as the main sponsor for a children’s hospital, etc.)
  • Results from a poll or survey your law firm completed

You can also write and distribute online press releases that carry valuable information about your law firm that will most likely not get picked up by the media, but will help develop your online presence.

Ideas for these types of press releases include:

  • Your launch on several social marketing websites
  • Speaking engagements, seminars, and public appearances
  • Additional of new lawyers to your practice
  • Awards

When writing your online press releases, it’s important to abide by the generally standardized press release format, use search engine optimized content, and present the information in a way that conveys its importance with a clear call to action, and an engaging style that will entice your readers (whether they are the press or a potential client) to visit your website and learn about you.

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