Online Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Cyber Monday

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November 30, 2009 – Just when you feel like you are starting to recover from Turkey overload it’s time to start shopping. Thankfully (pun intended), we can do so wrapped in blankets on the couch thanks to all the deals and promotions launching today for Cyber Monday, one the biggest retail days of the year focused on e-commerce.

For those looking, you’ll find no shortage of emails from your favorite brands, deep discounts via websites, social media networks, and blogs. Basically anywhere you go today on the Internet, someone’s going to be marketing something.

So what can we as non-retail online marketers learn from the madness of Cyber Monday? For one thing, it teaches us how to stand out!

Just glance through the dozens of emails in your inbox boasting sales from Pottery Barn and Steve Madden and Kayak, or Insert Your Favorite Retailer here. Not all of those emails are going to catch your eye, but what about the ones that do? What are they doing right to get your attention and convince you to act?

  1. Is there a great subject line, header, theme?
  2. Images or a story integrated in the email message?
  3. Clear messages and calls to action?
  4. The way the email works as a whole?

Take a good long look and really dissect how each email works, what it’s doing right, what it’s missing, and start applying those ideas to your own email campaigns. You can even take a further step back and think about how to apply some of those winning factors into your online marketing campaigns and SEO content.

  1. Does the email help the brand tell a story? What story does your brand tell?
  2. Are there cool buttons or engaging taglines that really inspire you?
  3. Are you effectively integrating images and good uses of color into your website?

Inspiration is everywhere, even when we think our industry leaves us out of the picture on big shopping holidays. Take this time to really investigate what’s out there (and pick up a few holiday bargains while you are at it). Remember, while all the retailers are going crazy, now is your chance to start thinking about design upgrades, new website features, and your web content development plan for the New Year!

And remember, we’re always here to help!

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