Optimizing Your Blog

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September 16, 2009 – Mashable published a great list of SEO tips for small businesses to help optimize their company blogs. While you should really go read their entire post on the subject, here are a few highlights we totally agree with:

1. Integrate your blog with social media – A great blog will be found by some. A great blog that can interact with other bloggers and potential fans on social networks like Facebook and Twitter will be found by a LOT more people. Use your social media to boost your blog’s readership, befriend other blogs and bloggers, and get your message out there in real time.

2. Assume you are unknown – Blogs are not really the place to be coy. Assume that no one out there knows anything about your business, then make sure the information they need to know to immediately get some idea of who you are and what you do is prominently displayed on your blog.

3. Designs are simple, features are advanced 
– It’s amazing how many people get this wrong. A blog should have a stylish design that does not overpower the content, or make the content difficult to read or find. While blog designs shouldn’t be boring or rely entirely on pre-made themes, they should be readable and user friendly. Conversely, relying on only the simple features your blog came with is no real help either. There are tens of thousands of plugins out there for every platform, get the advanced features you need to run and share your blog with SEO in mind!

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