Optimizing Your Website for Multiple Search Engines

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December 9, 2009 – When it comes to search engine optimization, Google and Bing are fairly similar, but there are a few differences you’ll want to keep in mind to make sure you are optimizing your web content correctly for both major search engines.

  1. Page Length – Google’s web crawlers tend to not scan web content past the 300 word mark, but Bing seems to like web content that is at least 300 words. The solution? Aim for the SEO content for any given web page to range between 300-400 words, and optimized with your keywords throughout. That way, your web content isn’t too long for Google or too short for Bing.
  2. Page Titles – This isn’t a major difference, but Bing does seem to favor Page Titles slightly more than Google. To satisfy both search engines, be sure to create really focused page titles that effectively incorporate your most valued keywords, relevant to the web content that will appear on the page. This should extend to every page on your website.
  3. Outbound Links – Google likes a minimal amount and Bing seems to currently be in favor of a few more. To satisfy both search engines just make sure you are not over-linking to external websites (this defeats keeping visitors on your website for as long as possible anyway) and always make sure your outbound links connect to relevant, quality websites.

The good news is that Bing and Google are similar enough where a few small tweaks can make your SEO content effective for both without having to create separate content that is optimized drastically for each search engine. While there are other search engines out there, with the recent partnership of Yahoo and Microsoft, Bing and Yahoo search will likely become one and same, which combined with Google, will account for 98% of all the searches performed online. So these search engines are really what you need to be focusing on the most during your search engine optimization efforts.

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