Organizing Your Website Content Part 2 – Organized Display

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February 23, 2011 – Once you have your content topic organized and written up it’s ready to post! You can’t just slap a bunch of links on a library landing page and expect clients to sort through them for the information they need. You’ll want a good organizational structure to allow easy access to the relevant content your clients come to you for.


For law firm websites content organization isn’t so difficult as long as your website is already broken up into your practice areas. However, you can go the extra step by providing a link library on each practice area landing page. This is especially useful for broad areas like “Motor Vehicle Accidents” when you have articles referring to truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and general car accidents.

Remember that just within the content itself, headlines are great ways to organize points and draw emphasis
. If you have a “Motor Vehicle Accident” landing page and articles that are specific to certain types of accidents, organize them by accident type to clients can quickly find the information pertaining to their specific needs.

When creating a library page for your articles make sure that you’re not just posting links. While strong page titles are important, they sometimes don’t give enough impact to draw a client to click through to the whole article. Write a catchy lead-in sentence or two (or meta description) to go a little more in to what the article is about – but don’t give away the farm there!

For blogs, using blog tags are a great way to organize your posts. Most blog platforms allow a client to click a tag they’re interested in and find more blog posts on the same subject (if those blogs are assigned that same tag). If you take the time to properly tag your blogs you automatically organize them into their topics!

Clients who can easily locate the information they’re looking for on your website are more apt to read through whole articles and pay attention to your call to action. Well organized content also helps and encourages readers stay on your website longer which increases your chances of conversion!

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