Passing the bar? There’s an app for that.

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June 25, 2010 – Back when you were struggling to study for the Bar exam, didn’t you wish you had access to your study materials in your pocket? Today’s upcoming generation of lawyers can get just that – provided they live in California and have $1,000 to spend.

To be fair, BarMax’s price tag is actually $999.99 and it’s not the first app to be offered at such a steep price. But what sets BarMax aside from the previous pricey $1k app “I Am Rich” is that it actually DOES something.

BarMax is a California Bar study aid with a 4.5/5 star rating on iTunes and over 100 downloads. While this may not seem like a huge user base, consider that those 100 downloads alone equals 100,000 downloads for a typical $0.99 app, a rate many fail to achieve.

With the success of those 100-some downloads, BarMax visionary Mike Ghaffary says that the app has already become profitable, and they’re looking to expand. BarMax NY is getting ready to roll out soon, and they’re looking to Illinois, Texas, and Florida for their next ventures.

BarMax not only wins in terms of convenience, but also amazingly in price. Their next closest competitor, BarBri, charges over 3x the price of BarMax for their general courses, and the iPhone app (while free) only offers a quiz feature unless connected to a registered student account.

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