Patriotic Web Content: How Any Business Can Celebrate the Fourth of July

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As holidays come and seasons change it creates great opportunities for your Internet marketing efforts to make use of the hot topics on the web. The search term “4th of July” already started ranking as one of Google’s “Hot Searches” on July 1 and is pulling in over 50,000 queries a day.

Holidays like Independence Day are great for restaurants, fireworks sellers, and home & garden stores – but what about professionals like doctors, lawyers, and accountants? You probably won’t see many of these industries offering 4th of July sales or other incentives to advertise themselves on the web – but there is a way to capitalize on the holiday without being gimmickey!

Let’s take a look at two professions – medical and legal – and see how web content can help these professionals boost their exposure during the holiday weekend.


Patriotic Web Content for Doctors

A doctor’s business blog is expected to contain info on new medical procedures, recent changes in treatment standards, and other news important to their patients. Any business blog can benefit from a little change of pace once in a while, and doctors’ blogs are no different.

Holidays like the Fourth of July are great opportunities to remind patients of safety measures to take to prevent injury and illness during these special times. Picnics, BBQs, and beach/pool fun are typical parts of Independence Day celebrations and families are likely to be searching for tips on how to keep their crew safe.

Posting content about fireworks safety, proper meat grilling practices, and other summer-related safety tips is an excellent way to boost your content by offering information people are searching for.

Patriotic Web Content for Lawyers

Much like doctors, personal injury lawyers can get in on the Fourth of July safety topics and generate more searchable web content. Aside from personal safety, attorneys who handle premises liability cases can also talk about keeping their pool area safe, restraining dogs during fireworks to prevent attacks, and general liability information for house parties.

Family law attorneys can focus on topics like how to handle sharing the kids during holidays and what to do about mutual friends and parties after a divorce. Even employment attorneys can get into the spirit by blogging a friendly reminder about holiday pay laws in their state.

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