Pay Attention to Your FAQs, They Can Be Blog Posts!

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Blog Series: Finding Your Content Niche

May 3, 2011 
– One of the practices we follow when developing content for our clients here at We Do Web Content is to consider the type of information their potential clients are seeking. One type of content we provide is FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions – and when you think about it, these questions are obvious fodder for some great content.

We generate our FAQ topics based on what our clients hear from their clients the most. For example, for our personal injury attorneys, we ask what are the most common concerns your clients bring up during consultations? This results in FAQs regarding value of personal injury claims, what kind of evidence they need, and how long their claim will take to settle.

While these questions have a fairly straight-forward answer, you can take this vital information one step further by turning them into blog topics. Loosen up a bit with your post, open with an anecdotal example of how you’ve seen this question in action with your practice. Talk directly to your potential clients as this can put them at ease and help them understand that they’re not the only one asking these critical questions about their personal injury claim.

Oftentimes we see blog posts that answer questions turn into discussions with the comment feature. This is excellent content marketing, so don’t forget to watch your comments and respond.Do be cautious, though, and remind readers that you are not giving legal advice and they should contact you for a consultation to learn more specifics about their needs.

Remember that your goal with your content is to give your readers a general bit of information they’re seeking. This gets them eager to learn more, and establishes you as a source of knowledge and help in your industry. With a good call to action in your content, you’ll ideally have a new client contacting you for more information.


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