Periodic Cleaning Improves Your Blog’s Content Library

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Have you ever cleaned out an attic or storage space and found an old piece of treasure you forgot you owned?

When you go back through your content library, this is a very common occurrence – and a good one to leverage when looking to improve your site ranking! Even though it’s fall, we encourage you to think about doing a little spring cleaning with your blog!

Cleaning Up Your Old Blog Posts and Content Library Is Healthy

Having an extensive library with pages and pages of content is great, unless all that content is outdated and stale. As you add content to your site some topics become irrelevant, statistics become outdated, and SEO practices change. Content that you wrote months ago may no longer be useful for improving your site ranking, either because it doesn’t fit the current SEO standards or because the topics are no longer appealing to your audience.

To improve your content library and blog archives, get in there and weed out the content that’s no longer useful to your site.

Don’t Just Delete Everything That’s Not Performing

Before you start hacking and slashing at your content library, perform a site audit to determine which pages are pulling in traffic and which ones are just taking up space. If a page is still ranking for relevant keywords – and a quick run on SEOMoz can tell you that – leave it alone. Minor updates like new statistics or dates are fine, but the core of the content should remain untouched.

The pages you want to look at are ones that had performed well in the past but are no longer drawing in the traffic they used to. If they ranked before, there’s some useful content there that could probably just use some sprucing up. Add new statistics, refresh the writing if it could use it; just don’t lose those important keyword rankings by removing them completely from your content.

Some pages are just not worth keeping. You can usually remove pages about current events after a few months, unless that current event has become a part of history or you use it as a helpful example to explain a legal issue. If the page never ranked, you might just trash it. In some cases, if you like the topic you could try to rewrite it with new information (new laws, new statistics, etc.).

Let We Do Web Content Freshen Up Your Site

Whether you have hundreds of existing posts and articles or you’re just starting out with content marketing, we can refresh your site! Our team of experienced content writers can transform old, stale content into fresh ideas, or grow your article library from the ground up. Just fill out our contact formor give us a call to start renovating your content library: 888-521-3880.