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November 17, 2009 – The Internet used to be perceived as this giant anonymous landscape filled with random web pages, but with advances in technology, communication, social media, and how people interact with websites, the Internet has become personal and your website should reflect that.

If you are running a business online, chances are there are at least a couple (if not hundreds or thousands) of other websites offering similar services at similar prices. So how can you stand out? By getting away from cookie-cutter web design and adding some personality, you can turn your website into a brand that serves as a destination for information and quality products/services. Letting customers see the person behind the brand is an important step in creating customer loyalty and connecting with online visitors who are actively seeking a personal connection online.

Personalization Through Web Content

Creating a website with some personality will be one of the most obvious factors that separate your website from your competitors. Here are some SEO content tips to help give your website a voice:

1. Blogging – Creating a blog for your website is a great way to constantly provide fresh, engaging information for your clients. If you can provide engaging, quality SEO content, customers will consistently return to your website as a resource destination. Search engines also love seeing a constant flow of new content, which will also help increase your organic search results. Since blogs are less formal than articles or other types of web content, this is an area where you can showcase your voice, inject a little humor, and let your personality shine.

2. Create a free E-Book – E-books are short electronic books that you can download from a website. By creating your own E-book you can share your expertise with your customers in the form of an incentive (people love free books!), build up your brand, and present yourself as an expert while engaging customers with your personal take on your industry. When people read your book they learn more about your services and about you as a business owner. If they like what they’ve read they’ll turn to you (the expert) for your services before looking to your competitors.

3. Online videos – Online video is one of the fastest growing web mediums on the Internet. Video sharing websites like Youtube are visited by millions of people each day and by creating your own online videos and hosting them on your website, you are giving customers a chance to meet you, hear your voice, learn from your expertise, and interact in a way they are accustomed to. Creating a short, informative video (or several) can also lead to social interaction as customers share your video with friends and family.

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