Pictures of Your Ex, Drive-Thru Lawyering, and Refunds on Law School

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October 22, 2010 – Check out our fancy new “Like” button at the end of this post! It’s no good if we’re reporting on the awesomeness of new social media featureswithout putting them to use ourselves!

It’s your weekly dose of crazy Internet news on today’s Fun Friday Blog! We had some great ideas for today’s blog, but we promised to keep ourselves to 3 somewhat relevant topics. Don’t worry, the other stories will get put to good use eventually!


The stories of the week!

Social Media: Facebook and the Photo Memories You Don’t Want to Relive

The “Photo Memories” feature really slipped under our radar. It was just…there one day. No big announcement, no huge uproar about privacy. Suddenly, random pictures from your photo albums, or albums you and friends were tagged in, started appearing on the side of your Facebook profile.

While this feature does often bring back memories of great times, many users were complaining that they were being emotionally damaged by constantly seeing ex-significant others popping up on their sidebar. Many people raised issues that the constant photo reminders of their ex was making it difficult to move on, especially when they have no control over who or what shows up on the feature.

Facebook has since answered the dilemma by using your relationship status to negate showing images tagged with past girlfriends/boyfriends/husbands/wives. Unfortunately, the omission only works if you declared the relationship publically in the first place.

Law Offices: Would You Like a Side of Fries With Your Personal Injury Claim?

We have drive-thrus for withdrawing money, getting prescriptions filled, and even getting married. Why not a drive-thru law office?

The Kocian Law Group bought an old Kenny Rodgers Roasters restaurant in their Manchester, Connecticut area and opened up shop. The building was renovated to look like any other law firm, except they kept the existing drive-thru window.

There, clients can drive up and speak to their attorney, sign forms, hand over paperwork, and basically anything else you’d do by walking into an office building. It makes a silly sort of sense when you figure many of their personal injury clients may have difficulty getting in and out of their vehicle.

Law School: What’s the Return Policy on a Law Degree?

An unsatisfied law student is asking Boston College for his money back in return for his diploma. The anonymous student sent a letter to Interim Dean George Brown saying that he attended the school expecting to obtain a degree that would allow him to get a “fulfilling and remunerative career.”

Instead, the student says he’s left with empty promises of that dream, a mountain of debt from student loans, and a wife who is due to give birth to their first child. The 3rd year student is offering a solution to the issue: he’ll forfeit the degree he’s slated to earn in 2011 and leave at the end of the semester if the school will pay back the 2 ½ years’ worth of tuition he paid.

And that’s it for this week’s Fun Friday blog! We’ll be kicking into Halloween mode next week with some crazy spooky Halloween stories!

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