Playing Foursquare With Your Clients Isn’t Just a Game

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April 28, 2010 – You may remember Foursquare as that game you played during recess in grade school. An independent group of social media developers in the New York City area decided to take that game one step further into the Web and turn it into a new social networking application.

Remember when Twitter first hit the scene and the skeptics poked fun at it, saying “Why do I care when people decide to update that they’re at Subway eating a sandwich?”  That was 4 years ago, and Twitter is now one of the hottest social media tools for both networking and marketing.

Foursquare takes that update notion a few steps further, making a game out of letting people know where you are and what you’re up to. The premise is pretty simple:

  • Use your phone to check in (through an app for smartphones, Foursquare’s mobile website, or a text message)
  • Earn points for each check-in
  • Leave tips for other users (parking tips, menu suggestions, etc.)
  • Use your points to earn badges
  • Become Mayor of a venue for having the most check-ins

The Foursquare social media phenomenon has become so popular that some venues are starting to offer special discounts and incentives to Foursquare users. Some have even offered prizes or perks to the user crowned “Mayor” of the venue, a position that can be highly competitive and frequently traded around.

Your new generation of clients is heavily involved with social networking and Foursquare is the latest trend in boasting your social achievements. However, as appealing as new social media trends like this one may be, sometimes it’s best to pass up marketing strategies that just don’t fit. If you handle sensitive cases like family or criminal law, where privacy and safety of your clients is of the strictest importance, having location-identifying services may not be a good idea.

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