Predictable Can Be Good for Web Content

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Blog Series: Creating a Collective of Cohesive Content

April 26, 2011 
– Are you one of those people who likes to be organized with schedules and plans all laid out? You’ll do well in generating content for your website when you follow those practices for your blogs!

Having a predictable schedule for posting your content is a great way to create a fan following
 – especially if you’re utilizing your social media to the max and promoting the links to your latest article or blog. It may take a little research to determine when the best time is to post updates during the day, but a little trial and error can help that right along.

Another good way to use predictability is when you’re planning out your content schedule. Developing topics ahead of time will help you avoid running out of things to write about (a blog series we’ll be presenting in later days). Considering we’re in the midst of our “Creating a Collective of Cohesive Content” week, you can predict the next few blogs will be about the same general topic.

The more content you post regarding the same topics and areas of knowledge, the more confidence your readers will have in your expertise. If your blog focuses most of its entries on tips and recipes for cooking a low-carb lifestyle, you’ll become known as the “low-carb guru” after a while!

There’s one more thing to be said about predictability in your content and that’s “break it!” You heard us right: even though it’s good to have a schedule and a plan, it’s also good to break away from this uniformity once in a while to grab your readers’ attention. While we’re loving the idea of blog series, if a great piece of Internet news comes up that we think our readers need to hear, we’ll definitely break away from the schedule and write about it.


Schedule your content to create a predictable schedule for your loyal readers to follow!

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