Press Releases: Has your business been in the news lately?

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If you’re still stuck in the past thinking that press releases are just for big corporations, you’re losing out on a great opportunity for web content marketing! In today’s digital content world press releases are a marketing tool any business can use, but to do it well, you need a great writer and topic.

A press release is only as effective as you make it, and a lot more than just good writing goes into a successful marketing campaign. When you want more than just words in a press release – look to We Do Web Content for words that convert readers to clients! We’ll break down the press release process into the vital parts that make marketing with authority possible for any business!

The Four Parts of Press Releases

A great SEO press release begins with the topic. While press releases are no longer just financial reports, corporate announcements, or product launches, not just any topic will do. You need to choose topics that are newsworthy and intriguing to potential clients, topics that showcase something special about your business.

Once you’ve got a topic, you need a writer. Press releases have to be written as informative, factual pieces – they often become official documents that are cited in other works. If your press release is of substantial interest to your industry, you may find yourself quoted in an industry publication!

A well-written press release is great, especially when the writer uses search engine optimization strategies like keywords and synonyms. But even the most well-written press release goes nowhere if it’s not properly formatted. Even going digital, press releases should follow the basic industry-standard formatting which includes:

  • headline;
  • summary paragraph;
  • location & date;
  • SEO content;
  • business information; and
  • contact details.

Using this formatting gives your SEO press release an extra level of authority – whether it’s digital or printed!

Once formatted and edited, the final step for press release success is distribution. There are many professional press release distribution websites like PR Web and WebWire that will put your press release out on hundreds of media channels.

We believe one of the best additional (and cheaper!) ways to get your press release out to impress is by utilizing your own syndication channels. Social media syndication has a more targeted reach as it’s going to your current followers and client base, who in turn share your content with others. This way your press release is going to more local potential clients!

Impress with a Press Release – We Do Web Content Can Help!

Don’t wait for a big event like a new office or a major case settlement to decide to start using press releases. At We Do Web Content we’re coming up with ideas for SEO press releases all the time! Your business is a growing success, make sure the media knows it with properly drafted, SEO press release content!

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