Problems Minorities Face in the Current US Health Care System

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One of the major reasons there has been an outcry for health care reform in the United States is the fact that minorities do not appear to be receiving the same level of care as their Caucasian counterparts. In order to resolve this problem, however, the health care plan the government develops will need to address a number of issues.

Here are some issues that need to be considered:

  • Lack of access to affordable health insurance – while only about 1 in 8 Caucasians is without insurance, approximately 1 in 3 Hispanics, 1 in 3 American Indians and 1 in 5 African-Americans have no insurance.
  • Lack of primary care providers – approximately half of Hispanics and one quarter of African-Americans have a primary care provider.
  • Lack of communication – poor communication between minorities and their primary care providers leads to a lack of preventative care.

With Obama’s health care plan, minorities will enjoy greater access to affordable health insurance while also having more emphasis placed on preventative care.

As a result, minorities should be able to experience an improved level of health while also avoiding the development of preventable chronic diseases that put a drain on the current US health care system.

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