Pros and Cons of Scheduled Posts for a Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Part of your social media marketing strategy should be syndicating your content, but for lawyers busy running their firm sometimes you need some help. When you’re busy meeting with clients and preparing cases for trial, you can’t be expected to remember to post your latest legal blog or article to Facebook and Twitter every day.

Luckily there are plenty of syndication apps that help you manage your social media networks and schedule your daily posts. These apps can ensure you never miss an opportunity to get your legal content out to your followers, but they can come with a price.

The Pros of Using Social Media Scheduling Services

Perhaps one of the most well known multi-platform syndication services is HootSuite. From a single dashboard you can manage your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, Mixi, WordPress and MySpace. Most importantly, you can pre-write posts and include the links to your content – for lawyers this can be a huge time saver!

Scheduled postings can ensure you keep up with a consistent flow of quality, informative content that attracts new clients to your office. The more you share your web content on social media, the more opportunities you have to expose new potential clients to your business.

When you’re on the go you don’t want to worry about tweeting your latest article as it goes live or finding a computer to post your daily blog to Facebook – and with scheduled posts you don’t have to! You can even set up your blog’s RSS feed to automatically post to your social networks as a new entry is published.

The Cons of Using Social Media Scheduling Services

The main purpose of a social media marketing strategy is to be SOCIAL, so if you rely on automated post scheduling you’re removing a bit of that human touch. Sure, you still have to write the posts and set them to go out at specific times, but if you schedule a month’s worth of posts you’re not going to remember what’s going out near the end of the month.

Having a pre-set schedule also reduces your ability to stay in the loop when recent news stories are relevant to your legal practice. If you schedule your posts all at the start of the month and then some new local legislation appears in the third week, you may miss an opportunity to grab a hot news item. It’s a mistake to think that once you set your schedule you don’t need to touch it again – if you don’t interject when hot news is breaking, you’re missing out on some great exposure!

There’s also the saying, “If you want something done right you have to do it yourself” and that holds true for social media post scheduling. Services like HootSuite are not without their flaws – just as Twitter can crash, so can the syndication services. If your syndication app goes offline or becomes compromised, your posts won’t go out as scheduled.

Make Your Social Media Marketing Strategy Social But Efficient

One of the best methods to create a good social media marketing strategy is to find a balance between scheduled posts and organic posts. Instead of scheduling the entire week’s post, schedule only a few pieces of content. For lawyers, you can fill the other two to three days with discussions on recent cases you’ve read about or fun polls with your followers. Diversify your posts with the occasional piece of office news or local events and you’ll capture the attention of clients old and new!

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