Put Your Best Face Forward: Logos vs. Headshots on Your Social Profiles

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A picture’s worth a thousand words and in the world of social media marketing strategy, it could be a huge deal on your social networking profiles. When you create a page or account to represent your law firm you’ll need to decide whether to make your logo the face of your business or if you want to show off the personal side of your firm.

Personalizing a Profile on Lawyer Directory Websites

For single-attorney practices, it’s especially important to build your brand upon your own personal identity. One of the most well-known lawyer directories, AVVO, allows attorneys to create a personal profile, answer legal questions posed by people looking for legal advice, and publish legal articles. The site also allows the attorney’s peers and clients to leave reviews and rankings, so it’s one of the optimal places for an attorney to attract new clients.

AVVO places a personal emphasis on their profiles – you must represent yourself as an attorney, not a firm. Therefore, a headshot on your profile is a must. The other three big players in social networking, Facebook, Twitter and Google+, have different standards.

Establishing a Personal Connection with Your Social Network Profile Photos

Facebook and Twitter don’t really have strict guidelines for whether or not your law firm’s profile has to have a photo of the attorney or if a logo is acceptable. Facebook does have content guidelines for photos in that they must be your own content and not violate their terms for indecency and advertising standards. Twitter is a bit more lax, it just has content guidelines for copyrighted and offensive content.

Google+ Pages have been a mixed bag of whether or not they care about using a law firm’s logo instead of images of the partners. If you are making a personal Google+ profile then yes, you should be using your own image. However, if you are creating a page for your law firm, even if it is your personal firm, you’re able to use your logo to represent your firm.

One thing to remember when choosing which “face” to put forward on your social media marketing strategy – the point is to BE SOCIAL. Potential clients aren’t looking for legal representation from a logo; they’re looking for a real, human attorney. Customers begin establishing trust in their attorneys the moment they lay eyes on them, and by promoting your own face, you can help ease some of the anxiety that often comes with the first meeting with an attorney.

Let We Do Web Content Help You Put Your Best Face Forward

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