Putting it Together: How WDWC is Using Fetch as Googlebot

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August 18, 2011 – Whether it’s existing content in need of some TLSEO (that’s tender loving SEO) or the new content we produce for your website, it’s all about keywords. We conduct extensive research to find out what search queries (aka “keywords”) your web pages are currently being listed for and which new keywords are ideal to enhance your page position. These keywords are then put to use in all of the new or updated content we produce and submitted to the Fetch as Googlebot system for indexing.

For our clients who are taking advantage of our SEO content writing & editing services to optimize their old, bad, or ugly content, this is an EXCELLENT opportunity. To truly optimize your existing content you’re going to need to do more than stick some keywords in – at We Do Web Content we give you the full service!

After the keywords are identified we review your existing content and compare analytics to see what’s performing well and what could use some help. We keep the best and weed out the rest. Your golden articles, the ones that give the best information and generally perform well, are beefed up with some fresh keywords and content. Meanwhile, poor performing content is either removed or reworked into relevant, useful articles.

We also look for things like outdated statistics, old news articles, and other previously relevant content that doesn’t quite work today. In most cases, these articles are started anew with more current, relevant information to give your clients the best resources possible.

Once we’ve done keyword optimization and rewritten your landing pages and old articles we can use the Fetch as Googlebot feature to immediately notify Google that you’ve got fresh, quality content ready to index!

If you’re ready to learn more about how We Do Web Content can benefit your Internet marketing, or if you’re already sold on the awesome power of Google, give us a call. We can help you and Google become the best of friends!

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