Ranking Number One Isn’t Always Helpful: Make Sure Your Legal Web Content Ranks for the Right Keywords

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Does your legal web content rank number one for a relevant search like “Denver personal injury attorney”? If so – great! – your SEO efforts are working wonders. Getting your law firm’s website on the top of the search engine result page (SERP) is the goal for most Internet marketing campaigns, but there are times when ranking number one won’t do a bit of good in the legal marketing world.

Consider Your Keywords – What Do You Rank For?

A law firm’s SEO marketing strategy should start with producing quality legal web content. Developing a content plan is step one to improving your visibility on the SERPs, and that includes some intense keyword research.

The goal is to identify which keywords will lead potential clients to your content. Target keywords that are relevant to your law practice and geographic area. Some keywords combine geo-keywords with practice areas – Denver personal injury attorney, Arlington car accident lawyer, Rhode Island divorce law firm.

Ranking number one for these common keywords may be difficult, so starting out with a strong content strategy is key to moving up the SERPs.

Ranking Number One isn’t Always a Benefit to Your Business

Let’s say you’re a personal injury law firm in Denver and you want to claim first-page status. It’s great if you can do that for when someone searches “Denver personal injury attorney” but not so great if you’re top result for an extremely obscure keyword like “herniated disc from slip and fall at motorcycle dealership during snowstorm in Denver”. Yes, long-tail keywords are great, but there has to be a reasonable limit.

Even less useful is when your site ranks for keywords completely unrelated to your law firm. One such case is when you take a break from your normal legal web content and post a little fun content instead, such as a short blog about your firm’s recent employee outing to the California coast. This type of content can be a good way to engage your readers and community, but don’t bother optimizing it because it won’t bring in the right traffic.

The Bottom Line – Aim for Relevancy

Instead of focusing on the number one ranking for keywords that don’t relate to your target audience or won’t bring in the right readers, make sure you’re focusing on attracting the clients that you DO want.

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