Reality Check: What Marketers Can Learn from Snookie, Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham

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What do celebrities like Snookie, Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham have in common with online marketers? They all need an audience to survive and they do that by branding themselves. Unless you’re winning in the attention wars, there’s no hope of success for reality TV celebrities or for online marketers.

Obviously these reality TV celebrities are very successful. So what can online marketers learn from these reality TV celebrities? Image. What the reality TV stars are selling is their image, and not just their physical appearance.

In the case of these celebrities “image” is made up of several things:

  • where they are;
  • who they’re seen with;
  • where they’re going;
  • the mystery surrounding them;
  • the money they are perceived to have; and
  • the products and services they’re using.

Kim Kardashian is selling a package that showcases products and services integrated into her life. She’s creating the image of a life that people want to buy.

How can online marketers create an appealing image and build their brand?

Online marketers can also create an image that people want to buy. Design is a big part of what creates that image online marketers can use to attract an audience. Good design will help capture and draw in your audience’s attention just as the attractive looking life of Farrah Abraham captures and draws in the attention of her audience.

Not surprisingly, photos are a very good way to attract your audience and build your image. It’s important that any photos you use be compelling, but also speak to the content of the piece to which you’re attracting your audience.

You could probably build up an audience sharing nothing but cute pictures of kittens, but unless your products and services involve kittens, you’ll want to limit your use of cute kitten photos.

What’s the importance of conversion when building an image or brand?

brand marketing, branding, brand build, brand strategyThe reason it’s important to use images related to the products and services you’re offering has to do with conversion. In the case of online marketing, conversion is the number of people who actually complete a goal you’ve set for them.

For example, you may be building an email marketing list. In this case a conversion would simply be a person visiting your content who sends you their email address.

You want the audience you build to be attracted by images related to your products and services so that your conversion rates will be high. Here again this is what reality TV personalities like Snookie do every day. They create context for products and services.

When people see Snookie flying Delta or drinking Grey Goose vodka, they’re attracted to the life of a real person, not a cute kitten photo. There’s real context, and people can really see themselves purchasing the products and services that the reality TV stars use every day.

Whether you’re a celebrity like Snookie, Kim Kardashian or Farrah Abraham or an online marketer, use image and branding to your advantage. Not just image, but image in context because image in context is where conversion comes from. With a large audience and good conversion comes profitability. With profitability comes online marketing success!

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