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November 13, 2009 – When it comes to SEO content, of course you want hundreds of articles and blogs on your website, all of which are infused with your keywords and working like little marketing machines to help drive your web traffic through search engine results. The problem that often comes up though, is that in the quest for more and more SEO content, when does quality get sacrificed for quantity?

In an attempt to constantly produce and publish SEO content to satisfy search engines, website owners often forget about the end user — the person that is actually supposed to enjoy and learn something from that content . This is an incredibly dangerous oversight because if the person performing the search clicks on your website to find a subpar, shoddily written article that in no way engages or informs them about said topic, they aren’t going to keep clicking through your website, they are going to leave in a hurry.

Remember, the average Internet user spends 4 seconds scanning a web page to determine if they want to read it. You have 4 seconds to grab that reader’s attention or they are gone. Hastily publishing poorly edited articles with only a search engine in mind will in no way enhance your user’s experience or your conversion rates.

Quantity is great, but not at the expense of quality. All of the web content that you publish on your website represents YOU. Poor quality will not only make you seem unprofessional, but will quickly send away any audience you may have gained through your SEO efforts. It’s like selling thousands of tickets to an Aerosmith concert, but when the excited crowd gets to the venue, they find only a dive-bar cover band that doesn’t even know all the lyrics to Dude Looks Like a Lady. Would you stick around for that?

I think not.

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