Rev-up Your Writing Skills with A Daily Exercise

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Blog Series: Seeking Content Inspiration

July 11, 2011 
– We’ve been hot and heavy on the social media topics these last few weeks, so it’s about time we took a break and discussed our true passion – content!

This week’s blog series is all about what makes the World Wide Web go ‘round. The Internet would be nothing without content to share! Everything you see on the web from essays to YouTube videos, pictures to blog posts, it’s all content that could be attracting potential clients.

We’re going to focus on written content for this week, but look forward to a later series covering other varieties of media that can boost your business’ exposure on the Internet.

You’d think writers like me would get burned out writing content all day and it’s true, writers block gets the best of all of us. One of the most helpful things I find is to just write about nothing to get my typing juices flowing. When you don’t have a topic or a purpose and just let the words flow it takes the demand out of writing for a reason.

There’s a nifty website, 750 Words, that encourages this practice with a virtual notebook and tracking goodies. You create an account, write an entry, and gain points, you can also track your writing stats. They also offer cute little animal badges to prompt you to write more! If you end up writing something completely awesome and want to share it as more than just a writing warm-up you can even export entries.


Sometimes constantly writing content for your websites can become a chore, and little writing exercises like this can help keep your fingers nimble and your mind sharp. Of course, when you work with We Do Web Content, you never have to worry about writer burn out – because we do the writing for you!

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