Sample Copy for Top Search Engine Ranking: Exercises for the Coach Potato

By  |  Published provides some excellent exercises for the busy professional. These “couch potato” exercises can be done from the comfort of your own home and couch, while you watch your favorite TV programs.


  • Couch Push-Ups
  • Side Crunches
  • Armchair Stands
  • Armchair Dips
  • Leg-Up Couch Crunches
  • Scissors

The website states, “Every hour-long TV show has about six commercial breaks that last 3 minutes each, so you can get a decent total body workout while you watch-no gym necessary.

This workout is great for beginners, but it’s also good for exercisers of every level, since extra bouts of activity throughout the day help to keep your metabolism revved, says Prevention’s fitness advisor Wayne L. Westcott, Ph.D., of Quincy, Mass.”

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