Say What? Web Content Strategies to Avoid

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December 28, 2009 – Your marketing copy and web content are the determining factors that get your target audience interested in your products and services. Creating these documents and slogans entails more than just writing well, it has to really speak to your audience and inspire them to take action. To get the most out of your web content and convert more web visitors into new clients, be sure to stay clear of the following web content pitfalls:

  1. Sales Talk – People aren’t stupid. When they see an advertisement, go to your website, etc. they expect that you will be selling them something. Creating marketing copy and web content with overly pushy sales language that is all about you, your expertise, and how amazing your company is does not convert customers. In fact, it’s pretty annoying. Your job is not to tell everyone you are an expert, but to prove your expertise by providing quality information that really helps them make an informed purchasing decision.
  2. Using the Wrong Language – This big mistake is all about wording. Marketing to a teenage girl is different than marketing to a 30-year-old woman or even a 30-year-old man. You need to first identify your target audience and then create web content and slogans that appeal to that audience. Word choice, how you explain your products, and the way you describe the benefits of your company are key factors in selling your brand. Choosing the wrong taglines for your audience or writing web content in a way that doesn’t speak directly to their needs and experiences will get you nowhere fast.
  3. Not Getting to the Point – No one is going to read a 500 word article when the main point is buried more than halfway through. You need to really put some thought into what you want to say and make that focus clear in your title, Meta description, and from the very beginning of your content. Long winded articles are boring, as is talking around a subject instead of really diving into it. Every sentence should have a purpose to support and explain your main ideas. Buried messages stay lost and won’t convert your readers.
  4. Writing About the Wrong Topic – What do the people who visit your website need to know about your services? If everyone is looking for information on how to buy a house and you are only posting content about renting, no one will care. Find out exactly what information people are searching for by researching your keywords and visiting competitor’s websites, as well as asking and listening to what your target audience is saying online.
  5. 5. Flashy Promises – It’s important to let your potential customers know about the benefits of your company, but if the main point of your marketing copy is based on making flashy promises about how your “revolutionary” product will change their lives, make them instant millionaires, and so on, you end up sounding more like a shady snake-oil salesman than a legit corporation. When you are trying to gain trust, give sound information and reasons why your product or service works, testimonials from people it has helped, and keep the promises minimal and actual (i.e. – you better deliver!). No one wants to see an asterisk next to a promise followed by some impossible to read micro-paragraph at the bottom of the page explaining what that “promise” really means.

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