Search Engine Rankings and Trust – Is Your Website Trustworthy?

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June 17, 2009Search Engine Watch published a great article this week about the importance of trust and how the notion of trustworthiness affects your Web traffic and search engine placement.

When search engines scan your outbound and inbound links to consider your website’s overall relevance, special importance is given to the whether or not the sites you link to are trusted sources of information, not only as a whole, but by the topic you are referencing. The closer your link is to a trusted source (direct link versus a link to a link to a trusted source), the better your search engine ranking. As for inbound links, the farther away you are from an untrustworthy link the better off your PageRank will be.

This concept of trust is an important factor when considering how you are going to build links for your existing pages as well as any new sections you may add to your website. Using the Google Toolbar is an easy way to start gauging which Web pages you want to link to.

Read the entire article about trust and link building.