Send Your Fans on a Content Scavenger Hunt!

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August 4, 2011 – I keep Facebook up in a browser pretty much all day. No, it’s not just my addiction to CityVille, it’s a great way to watch the nearly endless stream of content being shared among my friends and pages I follow.

Recently, We Do Web Content commented on a blog post about social media contests written by our friends at Foster Web Marketing and Great Legal Marketing. They had some awesome ideas to chew on about how contests can be a great addition to your Internet marketing plan.

Of course, a big part of posting blogs to social media profiles like those on Facebook is to generate fan comments. We were more than happy to oblige with a supportive nod to the blog, and even offered our own suggestion for a content scavenger hunt contest (they liked our comment so much, they updated the blog to include it! Thanks guys!).

We wanted to share our contest idea here in a bit more of an expanded form. Make sure to let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page if you’ve tried this approach and what the results were. If you’re planning on trying it, keep us posted on how it goes!


This contest is designed to not only drive up hype on your social media profiles, but also to introduce participants to the great library of content available on your website.

Start out by identifying a list of 5-10 articles, blogs, or topics you would really like to draw some attention to. Choose pages on your website that you really want to promote and highlight.

Read through these pages and identify a question you could ask your fans that can only be found on that page. Don’t be too obvious like “What’s the first word of the 2nd paragraph on our pedestrian accident statistics article?” – there’s no challenge in that!

Try questions like “What are some of the common types of motorcycle accidents in Virginia?” –these questions make your followers think about the practice area they’d need to search in to find the answer, and then have to locate the appropriate article.

Once you’ve got your list of questions devised, remember that all good contests need a prize! Offer up something nice for the fan that answers the most questions correctly by the deadline. Gift cards and small electronics are always great prize ideas!

Engaging social media events like contest scavenger hunts are a great way to promote both your fan page and your website content at once! For more help connecting your social media to your existing content, let We Do Web Content show you the way!

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