SEO Advice (and What To Avoid!)

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September 10, 2009 – There is a great blog on Top Rank that discusses a few common SEO pitfalls that websites owners should avoid.

We couldn’t agree more, and while we here at We Do Web Content have written about some of the same issues, it is always good to hear that advice echoed by other industry leaders. Here are a few highlights:

Content is not a finite venture. Great websites need to constantly address their SEO content, which means creating new, relevant pieces infused with your target keywords and phrases, and removing or editing outdated content that no longer applies to your business.

Don’t keep your marketing partners in the dark
. If you have separate SEO teams, marketing teams, PPC providers, etc. don’t keep them from speaking to each other! Integrating keywords and campaigns across multiple marketing channels can spell major success for your brand. Not letting your various web and marketing teams work together can also result in a lot of headaches and work that will need to be redone, work that could have been done right the first time if the communication was there.

Don’t focus on keyword phrases you think are important, focus on keywords and phrases that actually drive traffic to your website. When you make your SEO team focus on keywords you think are important but don’t actually get searched for or won’t drive traffic to your website, everyone’s time is wasted and your website doesn’t benefit. Work on a SEO keyword strategy that is actually researched. It helps, really.

Having search engine optimized copy makes it easy for search engines to find your Web pages. If your website doesn’t have the top search engine ranking on GoogleWe Do Web Content can help boost your online marketing goals. We Do Web Content takes pride in producing high-quality and affordable SEO web copy that is clean, consistent, and formatted for Internet marketing. We get excited when your website’s search engine ranking climbs and YOU ARE FOUNDGet started today – 1-888-521-3880.