SEO Content and Adaptability

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November 2, 2009 –  Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Websites are never “done”, rules do not remain static for long, and the entire process of creating and maintaining a successful website means constantly adding new content and being in touch with the major search industry changes that will affect the value and effectiveness of your website.

Search engines constantly tweak their algorithms in an attempt to improve their search engine results. Part of this is to deter spammers, weed out black hat SEO practices, and ensure that the most relevant pieces of content available for each subject appear at the top of the page for any given search. Needless to say, sometimes these changes are successful, other times not so much, and other times the spammers just move on to their next trick.

Such is the way of the Internet when billions of advertising and search engine marketing dollars are involved. These changes however, affect your SEO Content in a few important ways:

1. SEO Content is King, if written with your targeted keywords, Meta tags, quality inbound and outbound links, etc., your SEO content should continue to rank and perform well despite fluctuating algorithm tweaks. SEO content is also more adaptable, meaning it is easier to go into the content and change around a few word placements, keywords, etc if necessary than it is to revamp backend SEO efforts for the entire website. Sometimes website overhauls will need to happen if large changes take place, but SEO content (if done correctly) is less vulnerable to those types of issues.

2. Gimmicks and Tricks don’t last, search engines quickly discover black hat SEO practices, change their algorithms to immediately end any false traffic getting shifted to such sites, and if your website is found guilty by the scan bots at Google or Bing of participating in deceptive SEO techniques, your website will be labeled as spam and sent into the dark ages (meaning it will not appear in search engine results without a major overhaul).

The justice system on the Internet is not perfect. If you hire an SEO Expert who fills your website with black hat SEO techniques (even without your knowledge) and you get caught, there is no punishment for the fraud SEO expert. It will be your website that gets blacklisted by the search engines and you who will have to pick up the pieces and spend thousands of dollars, resources, and months of work rebuilding your damaged website. Sure you can file a complaint against the so-called SEO expert, tell your friends not to use them, etc. but Google isn’t going to go after them, they are just going to punish your website.

So do your research, try to obtain at least a minimum understanding of SEO, interview any company you are looking at for outsourcing, look at their clients’ websites, and ask them to explain their process to you. Any reliable company will be able to explain the basics of their optimization services without revealing any “company secrets” they just can’t share. If they refuse to tell you how they work, don’t answer your questions, or come across as shady, just walk away.

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