SEO Content and the 3 Bears Syndrome

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July 16, 2009 – When we work with clients about developing their organic SEO content, the first step is to always analyze their current website to see what they like, what they don’t like, what’s missing, and what can be done better.

This is usually where we discover what I have dubbed the Three Bears Syndrome. Almost without fail there will be some web pages with way too much information that requires readers to scroll through thousands of words and long bulky paragraphs that no one will ever get through — even if the actual content is relevant and interesting. And then there will be other web pages with almost no content on them, just sitting there not doing anything. Is this starting to sound like a familiar fairy tale yet?

The Third Bear = Balance

What every website is ideally looking for is balance. You want your website to be the baby bear, the one who gets it just right by creating web pages that don’t contain 20,000 words of SEO content dragging your reader down the page for what feels like eternity, but you also don’t want wasted pages that contain hardly any SEO and aren’t helping to develop the SEO content of your website.

The only cure for the Three Bear Syndrome is to take a good long look at each web page on your website individually and decide if the length, content, SEO keywords, design, and navigation are too much, not enough, or just right.

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