SEO Content and Trust Building: Promoting Vs Informing

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December 2, 2009 – The purpose of SEO content is two fold. The first is to create fresh, relevant and engaging web content for your online customers to enjoy; the second is to create content that search engines respond to so you can achieve higher search engine rankings to drive more customers to your website to see your fabulous SEO content. Part of keeping your SEO content fresh is striking the right balance between informing and self promotion in order to win the trust and the business of your online visitor.

This happens everyday so we don’t really need to talk in abstracts. People want information. They usually do not like being heavily advertised to but they also realize you are a business and you have no need to hide that you are a business when people visit your website. That being said, if people come to your website looking for information and find a whole bunch of content that reads 90% advertising for your company and 10% decent information, they are going to leave. Basically take those numbers and reverse them.

Inform Then Direct

Every piece of SEO content you publish on your website should have some kind of call to action, whether it is contacting you for more information, reading another article on the same topic, joining your email list, and so on. The rest of your article or blog that does not contain the call to action and can incorporate small, useful hints that highlight your company, but for the most part, the content should be filled with useful information, facts, statistics, tips, examples, etc. that will help your customers make informed decisions and learn more about your industry or their problem.

Sharing = Trust

No one wants to read a 400 word advertisement. They want to read 350 words of great information, which helps them learn more about you, your expertise, and the related topic at hand. After your reader has discovered you know what you are talking about, you start to build trust. When your reader begins trusting you and then sees your 50 word call to action, they will be much more likely to comply. Yes, I did enjoy this article and I would like to learn more by contacting you, reading other pages of your site, etc.

It’s not a trick and it’s not a gag. You have expertise you are sharing, sharing builds trust, trust leads to purchasing. Writing a 400 word advertisement mildly disguised as information does not build trust, you look like a spammer. This will not help you convert customers. Leave your advertising where it belongs, in ads! Let your SEO content speak volumes about your integrity, your knowledge, and your passion for your industry. They’ll take you a lot farther.

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