SEO Content: Choosing Quality Anchor Text to Support Your Strategy

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Google Penguin’s fight against webspam takes many forms and hyperlinks in your content are one of the major focuses. Google’s preferences for ranking pages higher when they have quality links is no secret, and the Penguin update only further drives that point home.

It’s worth reiterating that your anchor text is an extremely important part of your SEO strategy. You need to have relevant links attached to the right words to show the search engines that your content is relevant to that topic. The 3 main components of a solid link in your content include:

  • linking to words or phrases directly related to the link’s content;
  • linking to legitimate sources outside of your own website; and
  • not duplicating the same link within a document.

If you’re using links to create a link building strategy you need to make sure that you’re following these 3 basics of a healthy hyperlink. Making generic phrases, such as “click here” or “visit this page”, your anchor text will do you no good – they’re not relevant to your content’s topic and they won’t give Google any more details on what your website’s focus is.

Google uses links in your content to better understand what your page’s purpose is – if you’re using anchor text such as “cat scratching posts” and “cat exercise toys” and those links lead to product pages for cat perches and toys, Google will determine that your page is a relevant source for search queries related to cat care.

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