SEO Content Creation and Publishing Goals

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October 5, 2009 – A lot of the common SEO questions we get here at We Do Web Content can mostly be summed up in a single idea, “How much content do I need?” This is a tricky question for several reasons and does not really have a definitive answer. It isn’t like we can say, oh you need exactly 100 pages of content to make a successful website. It’s just not that simple. Depending on the type of business you run, who your customers are, what competition you are facing locally and nationally (if both or either apply), and other criteria will help us determine about how much content is a good initial aim, but like with all website development, content doesn’t have finish line. Part of the success of a website is not only how much content is posted, but how often. For instance, for new clients who have little to no search engine optimized content, we tend to suggest larger packages that include weekly content publishing goals of around 20-40 pieces of web content (articles, blogs, FAQs, landing pages, etc). Now this doesn’t last forever, it is only an initial push to get your website loaded with SEO keywords and quality, relevant content to drive traffic, inform your customers, and help you achieve higher page rankings. This push can last anywhere from 13-26 weeks and beyond, depending of course on the specifics of your business and the factors mentioned above. Building On Your SEO Content Once that initial push has run its course and your website is generating a good amount traffic and leads, you are not done with the content element of your website, but it isn’t necessary to post such large amounts of web content indefinitely (unless your business really supports a huge number of topics to be explored). At this point we recommend a maintenance package, where smaller amounts content continues to get written and published on a weekly basis (about 12-20 pieces, including blogs) so your website does not become stagnant and outdated. Search bots continually crawl your website looking for information to index and report on. If there is no new content to keep your website fresh and relevant, your search engine rankings will start slipping and other companies will rise up the ranks. Maintaining a highly visited website requires just that, maintenance. If you post well written content on a regular basis, visitors will continue to revisit your website. If the same old content is on there without any new content for visitors to learn from and enjoy, they won’t visit your website anymore and seek that information elsewhere. Remember: There are always opportunities for new SEO content, just how much is an ongoing process. If you do not have the time or the skills to write search engine optimized content for your website,contact We Do Web Content today and ask about our SEO copywriting services! Having search engine optimized copy makes it easy for search engines to find your Web pages. If your website doesn’t have a first page search engine ranking on Google, We Do Web Content can help boost your web marketing goals. We Do Web Content takes pride in producing high-quality and affordable SEO web copy that is clean, consistent, and formatted for Internet marketing. We get excited when your website’s search engine ranking climbs and YOU ARE FOUND. Get started today – 1-888-521-3880.