SEO Content Development: End of the Year Reflections

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December 7, 2009 – As 2009 winds down and we start looking with eager anticipation at the promises and hopeful ROIs of 2010, it’s a good time to reflect on everything we’ve accomplished this year before making New Year’s Resolutions for a better website.

This is the time to really sit down with your analytics reports and tests and look out how the year’s ups and downs affected your website. What blogs, articles, landing pages, etc. really got your traffic going? Which keywords kept your visitors engaged and which ones just aren’t pulling in the traffic you had hoped for? Look at your successes and failures with an unbiased critical eye. Pretend you are looking at someone else’s analytics report if that helps, but really put a thoughtful lens on the information at your fingers.

Your website’s tracking and analytics are absolutely integral aspects of your website development. They tell you how many people are excited about article X instead of article Y, the keywords your web pages are showing up for, and the kind of traffic numbers your website is generating through organic search over time.

Looking at a year’s worth of analytics reporting can help you step back and see the big picture. It can also give you direction on where your web content should go next year. It’s all about learning, growing, seeing how we’ve changed, and finding ways to get better — all the same ideas we apply to our life goals at year’s end. But instead of worrying about dropping those 5 or 10 extra holiday pounds, you can focus on adding 5 – 10 fabulous new pieces of SEO content to your website every week!

Stay positive!

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