SEO Content for Lawyers: FAQs Are Your Friend

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October 2, 2009 – As a lawyer, you have a significant amount of legal expertise that your clients do not, which is why they require your services in the first place. Expressing your knowledge of law and the specifics of the fields you practice in is an imperative part of the overall success of your website. This is where you knowledge can work for you or against you.

The majority of people looking for a lawyer will be completely or mostly in the dark about the legal process they are about to enter. They may be entirely unfamiliar with even the most rudimentary legal terms, and if your web content sounds like it was written for a lawyer and not someone who hasn’t passed The Bar,  your visitors will be leaving in your website no time, even if it is just to locate a legal dictionary.

You can keep visitors on your website longer by providing relevant SEO content written for your target audience, as well as internal links to areas of your website that go into further detail about complicated legal terms. Create glossary pages that fully explain legal terms that most people are unfamiliar with and make the most of your FAQ section.

Educate Your Visitors Through Your FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (or FAQs) is a wonderful and highly overlooked area of most legal websites. This is where you can save yourself, your clients, and your staff a lot of headaches by providing, clear simple answers and explanations to the questions you are asked the most. FAQs can cover business specifics about your practice (how you charge, etc), as well as legal questions your clients constantly ask you (how do I know if I have a personal injury case? what can I do if I was injured in a hit-and-run accident? What role does insurance play in my medical malpractice claim?, etc.).

Even if the questions don’t have concrete answers, addressing them to the best of your ability on your website and then directing clients to contact you for specific inquiries helps give your website credibility, boosts your SEO potential through keywords/content, and tells your clients you are listening to their needs by providing sought after information.

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