SEO Content Ideas: Mix Keywords with Desire

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October 30, 2009 – Creating quality, relevant SEO content for your legal practice can be a little tricky. Sometimes it’s difficult to think of topics to write about or how exactly to approach those topics.

That is part of the reason why SEO keywords are important. When you can identify the keywords that are aimed at your target audience, you can begin to understand what people are searching for online. This however, is only half the equation. After you have identified the keywords that audience has searched for you need to determine how those keywords and phrases relate to content and what type of the information people are seeking in conjunction with those terms.

For example, if “car accident injuries” received 3 million hits last month, what information about car accident injuries are people searching for? Are they looking for information about common injuries? Treatments for common injuries? How to sue someone for neglect after sustaining car accident injuries? You can look at similarly popular keywords to try to determine the overall search intention (at least generally), but looking at a keyword or phrase from this perspective is imperative in creating the type of content that people are looking for that happens to incorporate that term effectively.

In some situations this is easier said than done, and it is never a bad idea to write several articles around a popular keyword or phrase that dissects the topic from a variety of angles. You can then track the popularity of those articles through Google Analytics or any other tracking program and determine which articles are getting the most traffic, page views, reading times, etc. and use that information as research to determine what topics to focus on in the future and which to skip over.

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