SEO Content: If You Can’t Find It, Write It

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August 18, 2009 – Coming up with new topics to write about to add to your website’s SEO content can take longer than writing the content itself! It is good to remember though that there are almost always areas of your content that could use some sprucing up with SEO keywords, updates to reflect current changes in the industry, or to fill a void for info that just isn’t there.

If you are searching the Internet for references to help you address a particular subject and can’t find anything relevant (or well written), that is a perfect opportunity for you to step up and provide that information on your website. This could be as simple as providing an easy to understand explanation of a complicated or industry-specific term/process or even a short blog that goes into more specific detail than currently exists elsewhere.

Taking a good long look at your website, as well as the websites of your competitors can help you figure out what is missing and give you the inspiration you need to roll up your sleeves and get to writing.

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