SEO Content: It’s All About Angles

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October 13, 2009 – When creating the SEO content for your legal website, it is important to address a variety of legal issues that pertain to your practice area and getting the most traction possible out of that information. Part of optimizing your web content has to do with the angle you use to address the topic at hand.

Anytime you choose a particular legal topic to focus on for your web content, you want to be able to create multiple articles, blogs, FAQs, and so on that all relate to that subject. To stretch your information and provide valuable web content for your visitors, you can address a single topic from a variety of angles.

For example, if you are a personal injury lawyer with a legal practice that represents victims of car accidents, you’ll naturally want to include many different articles about car accidents. Here are a few angles you may want to explore under the “car accident” theme:

  • an informative article that discusses common car accident causes and results
  • an article that discusses car accident statistics for your state
  • an FAQ about how to file a personal injury claim in your state after a car accident
  • a sympathetic article that provides resources for car accident victims in your area
  • an article that gives tips on how to deal with insurance companies after a car accident
  • a blog that looks at recent car accidents in your state and region

These are just a few examples of the many angles you can use to write great SEO content about just one topic. Remember, every article you write that is search engine optimized can be found online through organic search traffic. The more SEO content you can write on a topic that covers the subject from different angles, the more likely you are to appear in the search engine results of a potential client looking for exactly that information.

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