SEO Content: Style Guides and Consistency

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August 10, 2009 – Whether you are writing, editing, and publishing your SEO content in house or outsourcing your content through a third-party, it’s important that the look and feel of your web content is consistent, and the best way to achieve that consistency is through creating and following a style guide.

Style guides are the blue prints of your SEO content. They are especially helpful if more than one person is responsible for creating your content, to help give all of your web pages a unified look. Style guides can be as simple or as thorough as necessary depending on the type of content you are creating and your website’s SEO content needs.

Style guides often include guidelines for:

  • Font size, colors, and styles
  • Use of Italics, Bold, Underlining and other emphasizing marks
  • Hyperlinks and general linking strategies
  • Preferred spelling and capitalization of specific words and phrases (i.e. – website, web site, or  Web site)

Any website that plans on producing a large amount of SEO content needs to have some kind of style guide in place. When produced in house, it is a good idea to sit down with your Content Manager to create a working style guide for your writers. If you are working with another company to help you with your SEO content needs, you will most likely work together to create a consistent look for your website that they will use as they create and publish your web pages.

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