SEO Content Tips for Lawyers: Vary Your Content

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October 10, 2009 – Creating a successful web content strategy for your legal website means deciding on, and writing a wide variety of SEO content.

Web content is a blanket term for any content that appears on your website. This includes everything from the text on your home page to the articles in your library, your frequently asked questions, blogs, landing pages…the whole shebang. In order to achieve a thriving and engaging website, you need to understand the various types of web content, and decide how you are going to address them.

Certain topics for example, will naturally lend themselves to different forms. Perhaps some subjects include a lot of detail, processes, and information and would be best suited as a series of articles. Other topics may be rather short (a current news story, a small tangent on a larger subject, etc.) and would make great blog posts. Other topics may not really fit either category and can find themselves written into a frequently asked question, a definition on a glossary or resource page, or incorporated into a landing page. All of the web content you provide on your website should keep these various contexts in mind while taking into account user interest, length, and visual appeal.

The great part about hosting your own website is the ability to create a space that addresses the individual needs and desires of your online visitors. By creating a variety of content you can create the perfect forum and structure for each topic, ensuring more people are reading and responding to your website overall.

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