SEO Copywriting: Key Components that Boost Rankings

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Goal of Search Engine Optimization

The primary goal of SEO copywriting is to boost page rankings (and increase visitors to your site) while providing interesting content for your readers. The balance of these two goals is more difficult that some might imagine. One can not be done exclusive to the other – you may write boring content filled with keywords and experience an increase in page rankings.

However, the ultimate purpose of a website may well be defeated if your reader visits your site due to its high placement in the rankings and finds nothing of interest once they are there.

The objective of SEO copywriting for a business will be to convert visitors to customers or clients. It is critical that users not only find a site quickly due to its high page ranking on the search engines, but are motivated to take action and (eventually) purchase an advertised product or service.

In addition to writing engaging content that appeals to readers and motivates them to take action, SEO copywriters focus on several key components to optimize content for their clients.

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Tag
  • Keyword Density and Positioning
  • Links

The title tag appears at the top of the browser window. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN place emphasis on words in the title tag.

description tags are like a “snapshot” of a page for search engines and should be one to two sentences, using keywords, to describe the webpage.

are measured by search engines and should be repeated in content but overusing such words will result in a penalty.

Finally links from other sites to your site, or link popularity, is measured and evaluated when ranking a website.

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