SEO Copywriting: Making Room for Quality Content by Avoiding Over-Optimization

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Most SEO writing companies focus on getting the most mileage out of keywords, link building, and content syndication, but now, with some upcoming Google changes, there’s danger your SEO copywriter could be going TOO far with search engine optimization!

Gone are the days when web content development gurus thought there was no such thing as too much search engine optimization. Copywriting relied solely on these practices to get pages ranked and although much has changed over the years, since the SEO concept was formed, most of the basic practices remained the same.

Recently, Google has shifted from how much SEO you’re doing and focusing on the quality of your content, looking to rank sites higher when they had fresh, relevant, and unique content rather than overly-optimized, keyword-stuffed articles and blogs. We Do Web Content has kept up with these changes to make sure every SEO copywriter on our team provides quality content that grabs the search engines’ attention.

The latest changes to Google will actually penalize websites that over-SEO their content. This means that your old content will need some retouching like unique article titles, removal of repetitive links, and other changes or else you face the risk of losing ranking on the search engine result pages.

Don’t Let Google De-Rank Your Page – Get SEO Copywriting Help!

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