SEO Experts Start Analyzing Mobile Searches

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October 6, 2010 – Ten years ago, Internet in the palm of your hand anywhere you have cell phone reception was a dream. Today, it’s standard for many of us.

Mobile Internet access is quickly becoming a common method of research for those who own smartphones. Whether it’s the answer to a trivia question or to check our bank account, having the Internet at our fingertips at any given moment can be a great boost to our productivity.


The Internet isn’t just for computers anymore!

How users satisfy their online needs with a mobile device is a new topic in Internet marketing that researchers are beginning to study. Studies on Internet usability and search success usually focus on data such as task completion speed, user frustration, efficiency, and satisfaction with results.

When studying the nuances of mobile search, researchers look at some new data such as location of the searcher (their living room, a public bus, the patio at the local Starbucks, etc.), what the searcher is doing at the time their information need arises, and what kind of information the searcher is looking for.

More often than not, the searcher is in need of geographically relevant information, such as the nearest hospital or a good, close by sushi bar. They may also be looking for time relevant information such as the score of the current sports game, or an updated stock quote.

Local search has long been a huge Internet marketing boost for small businesses looking to attract local clients. The more geographically specific your Web content, the more attractive it is to the search engines that handle user queries for the closest business. Many small business owners have reported success by including detailed maps to their businesses, driving directions from major highways, and tips on parking.

To connect to your local clients, you need to have local content! The more references your website content makes to local features such as landmarks, attractions, and hot spots, the more often you’ll pop up in search engine rankings. Many times, clients find businesses when they’re not even searching for that particular need, but see the website in a related search!

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