SEO Keywords and Keyword Meta Tags

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September 21, 2009 – Google finally launched a formal statement on the importance (or lack thereof) of the keywords Meta tag. As a service to our fans who aren’t webmasters, we thought we’d take the opportunity to explain the difference between SEO keywords and the keywords Meta tag.

SEO keywords are the terms you insert organically into your website’s original content that helps Internet users find your website through the web pages that contain the relevant search engine terms they are looking for. If you were a lawyer, some of your SEO keywords might include terms like “personal injury lawyer”, “medical malpractice attorney” and the like infused with your geographical targets.

This is not to be confused with the keywords Meta tag, which is a separate entry field in your content management system that allows you to separately list the keywords you would like the search engine crawlers to pay special attention to. Google, and other search engines, do not currently look at the terms listed in the keywords Meta tag to help determine your web page’s search engine ranking.

Listing keywords in that area does not technically hurt your website, and if at some point in the future,search crawlers do start looking at those particular Meta tags, you’ll be all set, but for now they do not affect your search engine placement. Now, Google does however pay very close attention to otherMeta tags, including page titles and other tags that give search crawlers directions about where to scan.

So in short: keywords are good and necessary for search engine optimization. The keywords Meta tag does not affect your web page ranking, however other Meta tags certainly do.

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