SEO Keywords: More Than Just a Guessing Game

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August 24, 2009 – When we work with new clients at We Do Web Content, we always talk to them about their SEO keywords, if they have any already identified, what they want to focus on, and then we do a keyword analysis of our own to determine the best fit for each company’s SEO content, based on their business and needs.

Sometimes, the keywords clients give us are great, others aren’t actually keywords… but try telling them that. On more than one occassion a client will give us a keyword they want to focus on. Through our own research, we’ll sometimes find that not only is that keyword not highly searched, but it isn’t even a real term, so the idea of someone eventually searching for it are slim to none. And of course we’re not talking about the name of a new product or brand that of course wouldn’t be highly searched for until it is introduced (at least), but descriptive phrases that if they were reworded into actual existing phrases, would yield search engine results.

And amazingly sometimes, even when we tell our clients those terms don’t exist in the English vernacular and no one is searching for them, they insist that they are used. All I can say to this is thatcompanies should focus on SEO keywords that strengthen their SEO efforts, not bog them down by telling search spiders to pay special attention to non-existent goobeldy-goo that no one has or will ever search for.

SEO keywords need to be well thought out and chosen with a purpose. They are there to bring your SEO content into the limelight. Think about what keywords will target your ideal audience, what phrasings will be relevant to both your business and what potential customers are searching for. Don’t get too hung up on coining silly phrases that will never overtake a better, more widely recognized term.

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