SEO Strategies: Merge Email and Social Media To Double Your Impact

By  |  Published recently published an article reiterating the importance of maximizing the creative content that usually only resides in email blasts by incorporating all that SEO content into your social media channels.

While email blasts are a fantastic way to keep in contact with your customers and let them know about the latest news, deals, and promotions going on at your website, stretching your online marketing capabilities through social media helps you reach even more customers with much of the same content.

If you are sending an email blast about a special sale going on this weekend only, you can use the same basic search engine optimized wording you created for you email campaign in a Twitter post, as a blog entry on your website, link it to your Facebook fan page, etc.

You can also create customized deals or coupon codes specifically for your social media profiles to test how your Facebook friends respond to your website promotions compared to your Twitter followers.

The most important thing to remember is that website promotion doesn’t stop at your website.

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